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Welcome to Homestar Runner Fanon!

This is the website for fan-made Homestar Runner information that anyone can edit!

9 pages created and 16 users registered since July 1st, 2020. First created on January 1st, 2018.


  • Characters — The characters, from the site or fan-made, that make up the population of the universe.
  • Places — A list of all the places you can visit in the Homestar Runner universe.
  • Items — Information about specific items that can be seen or used by the characters.
  • Media — Books, movies, TV shows, and music that can be enjoyed by the characters of Homestar Runner.
  • Universes — Alternate universes, featuring variations of the original characters and places.
  • Solved Timelines — Attempts at placing everything into a neat timeline.

Wiki Stuff

  • Wiki Stuff — A list of all wiki-related articles.
  • About — Wait, what's this website about?
  • Guidelines — What to do and what not to do while editing pages.
  • FAQ — Have a question? Look no further!
  • Sandbox — For experimenting with wiki-formatting.
  • Da Basement — Where sysops and other users can discuss administrative tasks.

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